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>> [sound of gavel] good afternoon welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of the tuesday january 29, 2013 of the board of supervisors for the city and county of san francisco home of the superbowl heading san
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francisco 49ers. madame clerk please call the role. supervisor avalos, avalos present. breed present. supervisor campus poes present. president chiu, chiu present. chu present, supervisor cohen, yes, i'm here. >> cohen present. supervisor farrell. farrell present. kim present. supervisor mar, mar present. supervisor wiener, wiener present. and supervisor yee.y present. mr. president all members are present. >> thank you could you please join us in the problem of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. madame clerk are there any communications. there are no communications mr. president. >> and could you read read
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our consent genta. items one-18 are considered routine and if a member objects a an item may be ri moved and considered separately. >> colleagues would anyone like to sever any of these items, camp poes aye. supervisor chu, sprfer cohen, aye? a. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim? , kim aye, supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener aye. supervisor ayey. there are answer aye's. those ordinances are finally passed thosances are adoptedded and approved. madame clerk please read items 19-21. item 19 is affirming the certification of the final environmentle impact report for
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the california pacific medical center plan and item 20 is reversing the motion certification and item 21 is recertificationing the preparation of the findings. >> while the conversation have been productive, the work ask not yet done i would like to ask for a motion to continue this item to the 21st of martian, moved by supervisor camp pose and seconded by supervisor farrell. these items will be continued to march. >> item 22 is aance amending the health and transportation codes to prohibit smoking at certain out door events on property owned by the city and establishing the obligations to notify the public that the event is smoke-free. >> colleagues can we get same house same call. without objection this item is passed item 23. >> item agree the electronic
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filing will campaign statements submitted to the ethics condition. >> same house same call this item is passed. >> item 24 is amending the code to create the capital cost repayment surcharge fund. >> same call, this item is passed. >> item 25 is an ordinance appropriating 2.6 million from the general reserve for the gross receipts tax implementation planning for fy 2012-13 and amending the salary ordinance and reflecting the addition of five positions this the treasury of tax collector. >> same hots same call this item is passed on the first reading. >> item 27. >> item 27 is performing work under city contracts. >> same house same call this resolution is adopted.
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>> item 28 is a resolution approving the fourth contract amendment with i c f resour for renybble contract change and resours and increasing the amount of contract by 20.4 million. >> this resolution is adopted item 29. >> item 29 is a resolution approvalling the prepayment and collection agreement between bay area water supply and public utilities chex for a term ending 2036. >> next item. >> item 30 is a resolution authorizing the department of emergency management to retrotively accept and extend an emergency management performance grant in the amount of 289.6000 for preparedness compatibilityings for the period of july 30, 2012 through june 2013. >> this resolution is adopted item 31 gorks item 31
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authorizing modifications number seven and number ten for architectural engineering design services agreement with fong and change for the hospital rebuild program persuant pursuant to charter section nine one 98. >> same hots same call. >> sorry -- supervisor kim. unfortunately i was enable to a tent the meeting where this item was addressed and i would like to express that we are able to bring for the modification that are over 5,000 and able to catch then faster so that they don't have to prove these sources of modification to contract and i know this is discussed in budget committee but it alerts me that modifications can go through without board approval and i just hope that we can create some kind of mechanism that will alert city departments earlier and i know this is a genuine mistake on the part of ct w and the department but there has to be away of catching these
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earlier. supervisor mar. >> uh-huh president chiu i did talk to the committee and they said that they are going to prevent this from happening again. >> supervisor campus poes. >> thank you president chiu i wanted to associate myself with the comments of supervisor kim and har and i'm sure that the department will work to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again thank you. >> any further discussion can we take this item same house same cowl call without objection this resolution is adopts item 32. >> 30 is applying in the amount of 2.3 million for local priority development area planning and implementation efforts spanking fiscal years 2012-20 scene. >> can we do this same house same call without objection this resolution is adopt it's item 33. >> 33 is an ordinance
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amendment aiming the building code to address permanent modify various seeds and making environmental findings. >> same house same call this ordinance is passed in the first reading let's go to role call. >> supervisor comp pose you are first on the role call for introduction. >> madame and colleagues i have two items the first is a memoryium to a good friend johnathan h beaver. he passed away recently and those of us who knew johnathan remember him as a very kind. gentle and generous soul and you often saw his gentle and huge smile here at board meetings where he often came to advocate for a number of human rights i cans that he cared about. he was a native san franciscoian and his family has been a have i
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prom continent african america family in the city and very involved in san francisco politics and his father was many year ago, very involved in the business community as well having served as the first african american heading the bankers association johnathan used to talk about how supervisor prance swow and doctor got let was a good pretend friend of family [spelling?] he was a football star of sacred heart hike. i didn't know he did that but he went onto college where he earned a degree in english literature and he was a play write, musician and inspired by the he revolution of 1960's and he became very involved in the civil rights activism and supporting different classes here in san francisco. he loved
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and grew medical cannabis and was a founding father of the patient movement and believing that everyone was-available to the medical cannabis regardless of ability to pay and he was. we are sorry about his passing, but are gravel that we got a chance to know johnathan and we will always remember him. the second item, is a resolution that i'm intrusioning declaring february fourth 2013-february 10th 2013, financial aid awareness week. and i want to thank the following my colleagues the following colleagues who have co sponsored this resolution supervisors avalos, breed, chiu, farrell,
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kim, mar and wiener. higher education truly is the key to success in this country and the ability of many students to attend an institution of of higher learning is based largely on their ability to secure financial assistance. i know from my own personal experience i'll not be here today sitting in this chair without the ability to have received financial assistance to go to college and to go to law school. unfortunately, the cost of the higher education continues to rise for private, public and for profit community colleges thought this country and students and families in san francisco are right now in the ross pros of making very important decisions about their future. so it is critical that we as a city increase the awareness about financial aid and how the process worgz and specifically the free application for federal student aid, the f a f s a application,
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which if completed will ensure that student have access to the many reresource available to them and it helps student but it helps us all because it ensures that they get the education that they need for the future. by declaring financial aid awareness week my hope is that we will continue to bring attention to the critical role that financial assistance place not only in san francisco but throughout the country in making financial education available to these student. from february fourth through the 10th the mission economic development agency n e va in my district in partnership with the san francisco unified school district and home veep tour and is the san francisco education fund. seven t p program and other organizations throughout
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the city will be working to make sure that the information is disseminated to young people and families throughout the city. so, i ask for your support and the rest, i submit. >> oh, my apologize i wanted to just note three events that are happening with respect to financial aid awareness week, the first event will be on tuesday february 5th, at san francisco international high school from six to 8:00 p.m., the second event will be at john on counsel school in my district wednesday, february 6th from 6 to 8 prime minister as well and the third event will be on thursday february 7th at international study's academy the rest irsubmit. >> thank you supervisor campos we are going to skip to supervisor cohen. thank you everyone i have
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a simple resolution that i'll intrusioning today with breed and it's the anith birth day of rosea parks as many of you annoy as the modern day of civil rights and this resolution is in commemorating her as a leader x for her outstanding courage and also declaring february fourth, rosea state park inside of san francisco. >> the rest irsubmit. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor kim? >> student: thank you i have two memoryians and they coordinate with supervisor campos and this is the care couldn't and this is kerri stockholders who was a long-time woman's health educator here in san francisco who had just passed before the star thf year and she was one of the first of three woman in san francisco to be diagnosed with
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hiv in the 1980's in a time when aids was widely misunderstood and traveled as far as washington dc to educate and advocate for woman's health and service and is she was part of the peer support circle for woman when the community center first opened during the beginning of the eight crisis and she was also an advocate for woman's right and particularly woman who lived below the poverty line and many of the woman who live in my district. she also traveled across california providing legal and court support for cannabis providers and her work in the community will continue to have a lasting impact she is fifed by the woman's health networks she helped to build and her many loving friends who worked along side her and more than 15 nieces and nephew.
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i would also like to end the meeting in the name of doctor jones and meditation instructor at east bay meditation center pass odd on january 8 oof this year due to cardiac arrest. doctor jones is a well respected role-model and is beloved by many born and raced in san francisco and later went onto mary calvin jones at providence church and had one child. she received her appointments to the social and cultural program at the humanities department at dominican university and a doctorate in multicultural education and spruesed to meditation practices in the 70's and it greatly influenced her work she was a passionate and tire else'sless activist and
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spirit rock meditation center where she founded the popular people of color week and day long retreats which i have participated in and actually our actually office participated in one of our day long woman of color retreats days ago and we were -- her teaching her daughter has recently also given birth to their first grandson and marlene spoke about the total joy that her grandson had brought into her life and we are all deeply moved by marlene's story but we know that her legacy will be toned by her family here in san francisco. >> thank you supervisor kim, supervisor mar. >> thank you madame clerk, today, i'm working with the san franciscobicycle coalition and other neighbor advocates in a
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process to look at dust in the city and directing the to preventing bike death and is as well as solving these times types of crimes, bicycle ling is becoming more popular throughout the city base of the great work of different advocate and is it's especially improving in the intricate where i live where biking is up 167% and it now represents about 10% of all the vehicle trips taken. i think that hain of us might agree that we want to see more people bicycle ling whether to mute commuting to work or family outings as well and i have i should mention that i have had two bicycles stolen from my garage in my building over the past couple of years and also in inner richmond as well and we want to look at city wide data on the issues and bik

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